• Composition of Institute Management Committee (IMC)
S. No Composition of IMC Name of member Additional information about the member
1 Chairman of IMC Sh. Suresh Sachdev chairman
2 Member Secretary of IMC(Principal of ITI) Smt. Sonika Taxak Principal I.T.I.(W) Rohtak
Members nominated by Ind. Partner
3 Member1 Sh. Narender Kumar Industrialist
4 Member2 Miss Reena Gusain Industrialist
5 Member3 Sh. Satish Sharma Industrialist
6 Member4 Sh. Dharam Parkash Industrialist
Members nominated by State Govt.
7 Member1 Sh. Narender Kumar Joint Director, D.I.T. Chandigarh
8 Member2 Smt. Nargeshwari Devi Group Inst., I.T.I.(W) Rohtak
9 Member3 Smt. Santosh Kumari Officer Employment exchange
10 Member4 Smt. Meena Siwach. Krishi kigyan bhawan
11 Member5 Pooja Student
12 Additional non-voting members Sub Divisional Engineer PWD(Public health)
13 Additional non-voting members Executive Engineer PWD(B&R)Rohtak
  • (4) Details of Chairman and Principal/Member Secretary
Sr. No Particulars   Principal/Member Secretary   IMC Chairman   Whom to be contacted in alternative to Chairman of IMC
1 Name Mrs. Sonika Taxak Sh. Suresh Sachdev Miss  Reena Gussain
2 Phone no with STD code 01262-218674 011-41676794 011-41676794
3 Fax no with STD code  011-41676795  011-41676795
4 Email ID itiwomenrtk@gmail.com sureshsachdev@ raifoundation.org nodalraifoundation@gmail.com